Mira Orbis (10.8kW)

Mira Orbis (10.8kW)

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Mira Orbis (10.8kW)

Sensuous curves and a blue back-lit digital temperature and time display give the Orbis design an edge. Features thermostatic control and Mira's patented anti-limescale technology.

* Thermostatic temperature control ensuring a constant and comfortable showering experience

* Separate power and flow/temperature controls with push button start/stop

* LCD display featuring current showering temperature and clock

* Four spray showerhead with rub clean rubber nozzles for reduced limescale and ease of cleaning

* Sensi-flo™ protects the user by switching off the heat if the flow is obstructed

* Clearscale™ reduces limescale by half for better performance and longer life

* Safe maximum temperature limit prevents the selection of an unsafe showering temperature

* Delayed shutdown turns off the shower gradually, flushing hot water from the tank for safer showering

* Complete with 2 year guarantee

Cold Mains Supply
If you do not have or want to use your stored hot water then an ideal solution is to fit an electric shower to the cold mains supply. The benefit of an electric shower is that it is always ready to use as the water is heated instantaneously within the shower. The amount of hot water flow produced by an electric shower depends on the power rating measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the kW rating the better the flow.

Most mains water supplies will provide enough pressure to operate an electric shower. In the rare instances that it cannot then Mira has an alternative pumped electric shower. This must be fitted to a cold water tank (cistern) supply and the internal pump will then generate the pressure normally provided by the cold mains.

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