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Spring Cleaning Your Shower

With April having finally arrived and the British weather hopefully becoming warmer, many of us will be turning our thoughts to the annual “Spring Clean”. For most, it’s a time of dread, when furniture is moved and unpleasant surprises are found lurking, cupboards are emptied of unwanted junk and, of course, the bathroom is set for it’s deepest cleaning yet…

Spring Cleaning Your Shower Enclosure

Spring Is Here – Time For A Spring Clean Of Your Bathroom!

Since a bathroom is one of those rooms we clean more regularly than most, perhaps it’s not quite so daunting as is first thought. But it’s an excellent opportunity to push the boat out a little further and make sure the entire bathroom is left completely spotless.

So, once you’ve tackled everything else with unbeatable gusto, one of the most frustrating parts of the bathroom are the glass panels of your shower enclosure or bath screen. Inevitably, being translucent, any dirt, scratches, grime and soap stains are always going to show up far more readily than we’d like. And with the shower being used daily, any hard work on your part could be undone in a matter of hours. So, how can we keep ourselves and everyone happy? Here are some tips that our staff & customers have picked up:


Cleaning Your Bath & Shower

Cleaning Your Bath & Shower

Avoid Abrasive Products

It’s tempting to use strong, aggressive cleaning products like scouring powder or caustic substances like soda crystals. But these can damage the surface of the glass. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also allow water, dirt and residue to build up. Always use a product which is designed specifically for showers, or better still one which is recommended by the company who manufactured the shower enclosure in the first place.



One of the oldest chemicals used to clean glass is vinegar. Although the smell is unpleasant to many, this is a very effective trick to use. Vinegar will dissolve dirt, soap residue and any limescale that may accumulate. If the smell is something you might wish to avoid, some customers report that white wine vinegar is a less malodourous alternative. We’ve also heard that using wiping the glass down with newspaper is a good way of absorbing any remaining residues (much the same way as it works on windows).


Invest In A Daily “Shower Shine” Spray

With showers getting daily use, using a product which is intended to be quickly sprayed onto the glass each day is a labour-saving way of keeping your shower clean. This simple solution is sometimes overlooked, but the benefits really speak for themselves.


Cleaning A Shower Curtain

Shower curtains tend to attract and accumulate moisture and, if they’re left open whilst damp, mildew can gradually build up and lead to discolouration. To avoid this, use the anti-mildew spray you’re already using on the shower head & bathroom tiles to break up the bulk of the mildew.

For more stubborn staining, a simple trick is to wash your shower curtain in a washing machine at 40ºC with biological washing powder will normally remove this discolouration and any damp odours.


Keep Your Shower Head Dirt & Limescale Free

Many of us will use the shower head to rinse off cleaning products, but it’s important to remember that any limescale or mildew contained in this will be inadvertently sprayed over the shower or bath. Always remember to use mildew or limescale sprays on the shower head regularly, or you might accidentally undo your hard work. Some customers have gone to the trouble of carefully unscrewing the shower head to make sure any limescale hidden inside is removed first.


Consider The Option of Treated Glass

As technology improves, shower enclosure manufacturers, such as Lakes showers, are investing in special coatings which repel water and dirt. Sometimes referred to as “hydrophobic” (meaning “water-hating”) coatings within the industry, this relatively new innovation is becoming increasingly popular as a time-saving alternative to constant cleaning.

Lakes Bathrooms have taken the option of incorporating a coating known as “AllClear®” into a number of their shower enclosures and screens, with their “Classic” range now featuring this coating as standard.


Have you got any tips? Any highly effective ways of keeping your bathroom clean? Or stories of epic fails? Share them below!