Crosswater Bathroom Taps

Suffice it to say, the Crosswater Bathroom Taps range is probably our favourite here at First Bathrooms. This isn’t due to any strange ideas on our part – we’re genuine fans!

Chrome Plating

All the Crosswater bath taps in our featured ranges are chrome plated. Rather than leaving steel taps with a polished or brushed stainless steel coating, Crosswater have taken the decision to add a wonderful chrome shine. Not only does this make it far easier to clean, the incredible shine will add so much to any bathroom.

High Quality Bathroom Taps

Rather than simply make run-of-the-mill taps which may not last beyond a few years, Crosswater bathroom taps are built to last. Their high quality shows that Crosswater take great pride in their brassware and want them to outlast the competition.

15 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

First Bathrooms offer a guarantee with every product we sell to customers. Crosswater Holdings also include a 15 year manufacturers guarantee on all their bathroom taps and shower kits. In a society where people are beginning to think that some products are manufactured with the intention of breaking after a short time and needing to be replaced, a manufacturer guarantee like this shows that Crosswater have confidence in their own bath taps.

A Range Of Styles

Bathroom styles are as varied as their owners. Reassuringly, the range of tap designs in the Crosswater bathroom taps range is so far reaching that you’re guaranteed to find one that will complement your bathroom suite.

Crosswater Totti Basin Pillar Taps TO140DNC

The Crosswater Totti Basin Pillar Taps – twice the style in one package.

Crosswater Totti Basin 3 Hole Set TO135DPC

The Crosswater Totti Basin 3 Hole Set – a slightly more traditional style of basin mixer tap.

Crosswater Love Me Bath 4 Hole Set LM440DC

The Crosswater Love Me Bath 4 Hole Set – a cascade of class!

Crosswater Alvero Basin Monobloc

The Crosswater Alvero Basin Monobloc – available from First bathrooms for £220 inc. VAT!

The Crosswater Central Basin 2 Hole Set CE121WNC

The Crosswater Central Basin 2 Hole Set CE121WNC. Click to visit our website!

Monoblocs, Mixer Taps, Pillar Taps, Bath Mixers

Rather than simply provide a small, highly focused range of bathroom tap types, Crosswater’s range features bidet and basin monoblocs (mixer taps), bath filler mixer taps, bathroom taps with shower attachments. Many of the ranges feature every type, promising that your new taps will not only fit in with your existing plumbing, but will continue to provide practicality and ease of use.

Next working day delivery from First Bathrooms

Getting a new set of brassware for your bathroom can be quite exciting, and we’re not being silly here – why not look forward to giving your bathroom suite a facelift? So, as always, during 2013 we’ll be returning with our next working day delivery offer. Simply place your order online or over the phone before 2pm and we can make arrangements for our couriers to deliver your new bathroom taps the next working day!

Crosswater Glide Bathroom Taps – Drifting Into Total Relaxation Behind a Curtain Of Water

Imagine total relaxation… calm… an aura of serenity… now you can stop imagining, as the Crosswater Glide bathroom taps range offers precisely that, clad in chrome.

With a style similar to the Crosswater Essence bath taps series, Crosswater Glide taps create a “curtain” of water when turned on, courtesy of a wide spout, which creates a feeling of peace and serenity.

Crosswater Glide Basin Mini Monobloc GL114DNC

The Crosswater Glide Basin Mini Monobloc – a mix of peace and serenity in modern form.

Crosswater Glide Bath Shower Mixer GL410DC

The Crosswater Glide Bath Shower Mixer GL410DC – a combination of stylish bath filler & shower attachment.

Crosswater Glide Bath Spout GL0370WC

The Crosswater Glide Bath Spout – filling your bath the fashionable way!

Whether you prefer to start your day with a feeling of tranquility, or end a long week with a soothing serenity, the Crosswater Glide bath tap range offers you the perfect opportunity.

And with all Crosswater bathroom taps, the distinctive designs do not mean that the quality and high standards are far from exclusive to just one range. All Crosswater Glide bath taps are finished in chrome and include a 15 year guarantee. First Bathrooms can also arrange for your new bathroom taps to be delivered next working day if you place your order with us by 2pm.

Crosswater Mike Lever Bathroom Taps – A Name Like a Rock Star, But Priced For Fans!

Sounding very much like a retired Rock Star, the Crosswater Mike Lever Bathroom Taps range doesn’t need a catchy tune or a garish costume to gain attention from consumers – the combination of a chrome finish and unobtrusive design does that quite successfully!

With the current range of Crosswater bath taps focussing on simplicity of design and modern styling, the Mike Lever series of bath taps fits in quite comfortably.

Crosswater Mike Lever Basin Monobloc ML110DPC

The Crosswater Mike Lever Basin Monobloc ML110DPC – mixing up style & value perfectly!

Crosswater Mike Lever Bath Filler ML322DC

The Crosswater Mike Lever Bath Filler – feel like a rock star in your own bathroom!

Crosswater Mike Lever Shower Mixer Kit ML422DC

The Crosswater Mike Lever Shower Mixer Kit – keeping style to hand with an included shower attachment!

A typical worry when buying a set of new bathroom taps is that the design may clash with your existing décor. Well, fortunately there’s no worry with the Crosswater Mike Lever range: their minimalist design fits in perfectly with any style of décor, whether a more traditional look or bold and daring modern design. The chrome finish can only complement and add a bright shine.

Putting the commentary on styling aside briefly, the practicality of the design is also worth thinking about. The tap handles are all of an ease-use design, perfect when you’re in a rush or just fancy a bit more hot water in your bath during a long hot soak. Also, the varied range is perfect for almost any bathroom, as the different options can retro-fit the vast majority of existing plumbing layouts.

How can this get any better? Well, First Bathrooms always offer next working day delivery if you place your order by 2pm. All our Crosswater products also come with a 15 year manufacturer guarantee!