Cleaning Your Bath

Cleaning your bath

Step 1: You will need
  • rubber gloves
  • cream cleaner
  • household sponge with two sides
  • a squeegee
  • paper towels

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  1. Step 2: Prepare

    Before you begin, put on some rubber gloves and remove all bottles and other items away from the edge of around the bath.

  2. Step 3: Cream cleaner

    Dampen down the bath tub and the surrounding tiles with water .

    Shake some cream cleaner around the inside of the tub and on the walls. Clean cleaner is ideal for baths and tiles as it is non toxic and won’t scratch.

    Rub the entire area with the abrasive side of a sponge. Work quickly so the cleaner doesn’t dry out. Scrub along the grouting and into the corners

    Spend a little time cleaning the taps, make sure you don’t miss any spots.

  3. Step 4: Rinse

    Wash the cleaner off with warm water, mopping of any excess with the soft side of the sponge. Rinse well, otherwise the cream cleaner will leave a residue.

    Dry the tiles off with the aid of a squeegy, working from top to bottom

  4. Step 5: Polish

    Finally give the area a quick polish with a soft cloth or paper towel. Make sure there are no smears or smudges left.

    Replace any bathing products around the bath and admire your handy work

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How To Clean A Toilet

It’s the chore you never want to do but have to. So you might as well clean the toilet the right way. Once complete, you have no excuse but to invite the in-laws around!

You will need
  • Rubber gloves. You must only use these for cleaning the toilet so it’s a good idea if they are a different colour to your regular household gloves
  • a household sponge
  • a cream cleaner
  • a toilet brush
  • bathroom spray
  • and paper towels
  1. How to clean a toilet
  2. Cleaning the toilet is that essential task that everyone hates to do. You never know where those germs are lurking or how to effectily remove them. Help is at hand, Jacqueline Hansson, our expert from Amy Cleaners, shows us how to get great result from this dirty chore.
  3. Step 2: Clear the area

    Remove any items that are kept around the toilet. This prevents them from getting in the way as you clean.

  4. Step 3: Damp down

    Wet a household sponge with hot water. Use the soft side to wipe around the cistern, lid, seat and base of the toilet. This removes any dust, dampens any stains and helps the cleaning product disperse.

  5. Step 4: Inside the bowl

    Lift the seat and squirt a generous amount of cream cleaner around the inside of the bowl and rim. A cream cleaner is good for this jobs as it clings to the dirt yet won’t scratch the surface and isn’t toxic. Scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush. Pay particular attention to any lime scale stains at the back of the bowl and around the water line. The longer you take, the better the end results will be.

    Flush the toilet to give the bowl and the brush a rinse. Keep working the brush to remove traces of the cleaning product. You may need to flush it several times for a full rinse.

  6. Step 5: Spray the exterior

    Spray the lid, seat, base and cistern with a specialist bathroom spray until it is very wet.

    Jacqueline recommends using disposable paper towels to work the spray around the toilet. This polishes to a good finish and prevents spreading the germs the way a cloth would. If you prefer to use a cloth, wash it well afterwards and store it in a separate location to your other cloths to prevent a mix up.

    Make sure you clean into all the nooks on the underside of the lid. And don’t forget the base.

    Check your handy work, if you see any areas you have missed, do that part again.

  7. Step 6: Handle

    Clean the handle with a little spray and paper towel. This is the part everyone touches immediately after they have used the toilet, it’s a key germ spreading point so be thorough

  8. Step 7: Surrounding area

    Spray the floor and tiles around the toilet with the bathroom spray. This is important, remember not all men have great aim! Clean off with paper towels.

  9. Step 8: Replace items

    That’s the dirty bit done. Now remove the toilet cleaning gloves and put on general house hold gloves. Give all the items from around the toilet a rinse under a cold tap. And then wipe with a paper towel or cloth to remove any dust, spills or drips.