Waterlux P Shaped Shower Bath

Waterlux designer P shaped shower bath offers the best of both with a choice of bath or shower.  This bath is manufactured from strong 5mm re-enforced acrylic with a fully encapsulated base board. Comes un-drilled giving you the option of where you want to position your taps and a state of the art pivoting system enables the screen to move 90 degrees inwards or outwards.  Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk today for great deals on shower baths.

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How Do Whirlpool Baths Work?

How Do Whirlpool Baths Work?

In order for a whirlpool bath to work, the water in the bath must be higher than the intake valve. The intake is the circular, valve about halfway between the base and rim of the tub. The vacuum power of the pump draws water in, while the screen prevents bath accessories and arms, fingers and toes, from being suctioned into the valves. The pump’s motor creates force, which expels water from the jets at different pressures. While the vacuum strength does not change, the jet power can be modified. In many whirlpool baths, the ring around the jet turns the jet on and off and controls the pressure. The bath itself is turned on and off by a switch located on the deck or bath rim. Please visit Firstbathrooms to see our designer whirlpool baths range.


Bathroom Design Ideas

The interior design that you decide on for your bathroom will often dictate the materials you are likely to use and your budget. A modern bathroom is likely to feature stone floor and wall tiles (marble, slate or limestone), while a more traditional or country-style bathroom is more likely to include tongue-and-groove painted wall panelling and stripped wood or wood laminate floors, with tiles restricted to basins and shower areas.

The bath will always take centre stage and, whether free-standing or wall-fitted, it can be a thing of beauty. Roll-top baths tend to be heavy cast-iron brutes that, if using, you will need to factor in when fitting in an upstairs bathroom. Modern versions of the roll-top and free-standing bath, however, can be made from lighter steel or acrylic bonded together with stone resin. Wash basins come in all shapes, sizes from ceramic and stone to stainless steel and copper and beyond. If you have space, double up for his-and-hers versions and house in a neat vanity unit for a tidy storage solution.

Tiles are the obvious choice for bathrooms. Large profile designs are great choices for easy cleaning, while mosaic tiles remain ever popular, even in the face of the newly resurrected metro tile. As with a kitchen, a bathroom is an expensive room to refit. A bathroom design therefore needs to have longevity. While some of the more recent interior design trends for bathrooms have included hotel and spa styles, nautical looks and nostalgic retro designs, going for broad modern, traditional or country styles may be better longer-term solutions.

Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk for more design ideas and great prices.


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