Shower Tray Cleaning

Shower Tray Cleaning

Shower trays have a nasty habit of getting really dirty, and if you don’t keep on top of them with a disciplined cleaning schedule, you will find yourself with stains that can’t be removed. There’s nothing worse than standing in a shower with a dirty tray – especially if your bathroom is designed in a luxury style. Avoid a bathroom disaster by following this guide to keeping shower trays spotless and clean.

Shower Trays: Soap Scum

One of the worst culprits for making shower trays mucky is soap scum. If you use a conventional soap brand, it will leave traces of scum around the base of your shower tray unless you take extra precautions to prevent this from happening. The first thing you should so is switch to a natural soap, or a shower gel. This will prevent the build-up of scum in the first place. Secondly, make sure you rinse your shower tray all over after finishing a shower to wash away any traces of soap. Finally, Spitz a specialist shower spray all over the tray to give it an extra clean. In the eventuality that you do get soap scum stains, use a citrus-based cleaner or boiling vinegar, and re-apply at regular intervals to dissolve the dirt. Rinse thoroughly and dry when the stains have been removed.

Shower Trays: Stains

There are several causes of stains in shower trays, but the most persistent is the stain left after rinsing out permanent chemical hair dyes. If you’re not careful this type of stain will become a long-standing fixture in your shower – not a pleasant sight! You will need to mix up a solution of either bleach and water or vinegar and water, and leave on for some time to dissolve the stain. If it still won’t budge, add baking soda to the vinegar solution, and scrub with a bristle brush. If all else fails, call in a professional cleaner to work their magic.

Shower Trays: Blocked Drains

There’s nothing more off-putting than having a shower in someone’s house to be confronted by a drain that is clogged up with grease, grime, hair and other awful looking gunk. Keep your shower tray’s drain clear with regular cleansing. The best method is to first plunge the drain to create a suction effect, which will loosen the blocked substances. Then pour down a drain cleaner – taking care not to get any on your hands. For a natural alternative pour down a solution of vinegar and baking soda, which will fizzle away the grime. Run hot water down the drain after five or ten minutes, and repeat the process if necessary.


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