Simpsons Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Designed with both style and longevity in mind, Simpsons bi-fold shower doors are a simple yet elegant addition to your shower enclosure. Designed to fold half-way along their width, these shower doors fold inwards and are perfect for slightly smaller bathrooms where an outward-swinging door could hit other items of furniture.

One benefit that bi-fold shower doors offer is that there are no worries about leaving space immediately round the shower to allow the shower door to open. This can be helpful in slightly smaller bathrooms where space may be limited or there may be additional items of bathroom furniture.

We feature two main ranges of bi-fold shower doors: Simpsons Edge and Simpsons Supreme.

Simpsons Edge Bi-fold Shower Doors

The Simpsons Edge bi-fold shower door series is an ultra-modern style of shower door. The silver frame looks stunning in any bathroom. The 8mm thick glass provides excellent durability and also helps keep heat in, promising a lovely warm shower on those cooler mornings or evenings!

Simpsons Bi-Fold Shower Door

Simpsons Supreme Bi-fold Shower Doors

The name “Supreme” implies that Simpsons Supreme bi-fold shower doors can be expensive. Rest assured that this is not the case! You can also be confident that neither quality nor style has been compromised in creating this range. Simpsons Supreme shower doors are framed in steel and will look beautiful in your bathroom, whatever your style.

Simpsons Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Easy to fit and maintain, all our Simpsons bi fold shower doors will give you years of reliable and stylish service. Their high quality construction using the best materials and attention to detail promises that, year on year, you can remain as confident as you were when your new shower door had been newly installed.

Simpsons bi-fold shower doors include a 15 year manufacturers guarantee with all of their shower doors. First Bathrooms can also offer next working day delivery if you place your order before 2pm Monday – Friday.

Simpsons Sliding Shower Doors

Simpsons sliding shower doors offer beautiful styling and the highest quality materials and construction – exactly what you’d expect from a Simpsons shower door.

Simpsons Sliding Shower Doors
Simpsons Sliding Shower Doors

The sliding action is perfect for slightly larger shower enclosures and still helps save space by removing the need to allow additional clear space for a hinged or pivoted shower door. A number of style ranges are available from First Bathrooms:

Simpsons Central Sliding Shower Doors

The striking, architectural design of the Central range is a real style statement. 8mm thick glass promises strength and durability, whilst reliable rollers will continue to work day after day, year after year.

Simpsons Edge Sliding Shower Doors

With elegant styling, the Edge range of shower enclosures ingeniously combines appearance and quality, along with smooth lines and superb functionality that all add a touch of luxury to your showering experience.

Simpsons Supreme Sliding Shower Doors

As the name suggests, the Simpsons Supreme range feature modern styling and the quality we’ve all come to expect from Simpsons.

Simpsons Elite Sliding Shower Doors

Although the name implies exclusivity, the Simpsons Elite sliding shower doors are not just perfect for everyone – they’re available to everyone. Gorgeous styling and high quality abound this range.

Simpsons TEN Sliding Shower Doors

The range of Simpsons TEN shower doors is by far and away the leading range from Simpsons. Few in the industry can match them. With no expense spared, Simpsons use 10mm thick glass in these shower doors, guaranteeing maximum durability. This makes the Simpsons Ten range the flagship of the Simpsons sliding shower doors range.

Simpsons showers demonstrate confidence in their sliding shower doors by including a 15 year manufacturers guarantee as standard in all their shower doors. To complement this, First Bathrooms can arrange next working day delivery on all our Simpsons shower doors if you place your order before 2pm Monday – Friday.

Simpsons Wetroom Panels

Simpsons Wetroom Panels are essential for creating the perfect shower enclosure. Although a shower door may suffice if your bathroom features a shower alcove in one of the walls, creating an actual enclosure is slightly more involved.

Simpsons wet room panels are the ideal way to create a perfect Simpsons enclosure. And you don’t need to worry about whether Simpsons shower enclosure panels will match your bathroom suite – a range of styles & sizes are available that will blend in quite nicely and add a beautiful feature to your wet room.

Simpsons Wetroom Panels

Simpsons wet room panels are available in a number of styles, each with its own distinctive features:

Simpsons Design Wetroom Panels

A semi-frameless design which increases the amount of light in your shower enclosure.

Simpsons Classic Mode Wetroom Panels

A completely frameless wetroom panel design – allows the maximum amount of light to enter your shower enclosure and will match any bathroom.

Simpsons TEN Wetroom Panels

Simpsons most luxurious wetroom panel design. This series features class-leading 10mm thick glass, and some items have an “easy clean” coating that resists water marks and makes cleaning far quicker and simpler – you shouldn’t spend more time cleaning your shower enclosure than you do actually using it!

Simpsons Wetroom Panels

Choosing the right Simpsons Enclosure

The key thing to do is select the right size panel. To do this, measure out either your existing shower tray or the floor space that you’d like your shower enclosure to occupy. Remember that wet room panels generally come in one of a number of standard sizes, so bear in mind the precise size of your new enclosure will be governed by this.

Simpsons wetroom panels

The dimensions of shower panels are usually quoted in millimetres – simply divide this number by 25.4 if you prefer to work in inches.