Mixer Showers Guide

Mixer showers are a big trend in contemporary bathroom design, popular due to the way they can create the perfect temperature of water before it gets to the shower head.

What are Mixer Showers?

Pay a visit to most modern bathrooms and chances are they will be fitted with a mixer shower. These get their name from the way they mix hot and cold water in a special valve before it comes out of the showerhead. They are suitable for both high and low pressure showers, although you should always check with your supplier that the mixer valve you buy is suitable for your existing system.

How are Mixer Showers Installed?

Mixer showers are easily installed, so DIY addicts will be able to fit one without any problem. They can either be a surface-mounted fixture with the piping installed on top of your current shower system, or they can be flush-mounted so the valve is seen, but the pipework is hidden behind the wall of the shower. This is ideal for new showers where the pipes can be built into the wall.

How do Mixer Showers Operate?

For correct operation, both the hot and cold water need to flow from a source operating at the same pressure. They can come from a mains-fed system such as a combi boiler, or from tank-fed water (immersion and cold storage tank). A pressure balanced mixer valve can be fitted if one supply is coming from a high-pressure source and the other from low pressure.

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