Roman Decem Hinged Square Shower Doors

Accessorize your shower enclosure and make it more functional with the hinged door from Decem collection. The self–closing hinge enables automatic closing of door when left open. This hinged door is made 10mm thick and as high as 1200mm. the crystal-clear look through and the sturdy structure makes this accessory stylish and durable. The Roman Ultra Care with pre-coated glass protection makes it easy to clean and retains the elegance for years to come. The Decem hinged door is equipped with square handles that too finished in chrome and also, it can be installed with shower tray or fixed floor. Please visit for great prices on Roman showers.

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Simpsons Elite Mirror Shower Doors

The Simpson Elite 1-way mirrored shower door allows complete privacy for the occupant of the shower enclosure and they can still see out.  This shower door comes with Simpson’s 8mm toughened glass. Enjoy a good shower in this enclosure that features reversible design for easy installation. It is also equipped with powershower proof technology that makes it totally leak proof. With a chrome plated profile finish, it enhances the appearance of your bathroom. Please visit to see this amazing range.

firstbathrooms mirror shower enclosure