HIB Bathroom Mirrors

The HIB latest bathroom range includes many new products that reflect their commitment to quality, design and technology, meeting all of the industry wide standards and regulations. Their new collection has the largest and most exciting range ever, and features cutting-edge mirror designs for the bathroom, cloakroom and en-suites. The carefully coordinated range of accessories and furniture are setting new standards for affordable personalised luxury. HIB have built a reputation with value and service at the fore-front of the business. Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk to see the HIB range.

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Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

HIB has a wide range of illuminated bathroom mirrors which can add the finishing touches to any bathroom. Lights can range from anything from led to halogen lamps and each creates a different mood and type of illumination in your bathroom. Of course the mirrors come in different shapes too, no longer are you left with a choice of two – round or square. The mirrors now come in all shapes and sizes – no more excuses for now having the perfect bathroom mirror. Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk to see our complete range.


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Cleaning A Bathroom Mirror Guide


Step 1: You will need
  • rubber gloves
  • a large sponge
  • a glass cleaning spray
  • a squeegy
  • and paper towels
  1. Step 2: Damp down

    Wet the large sponge with hot water. Starting at the top of the mirror, wipe downwards until the entire mirror is wet. This softens any marks and helps to distribute the cleaning product.

  2. Step 3: Spray

    Spray a glass cleaning product over the entire bathroom mirror. Be generous with it.

    Rinse the sponge and squeeze out any excess moisture. Starting at the top rub it over the mirror to clean off any smears or stains. Pay extra attention to the dirtier areas

  3. Step 4: Squeegy

    Working from top to bottom drag the squeegy down the mirror. Move from side to side across the bottom to remove any lasting traces of the spray.

  4. Step 5: Polish

    Have a good look at your work. If you see any smudges or defects clean them off with the paper towel. Paper towels are good for this job as they don’t leave any lint behind but polish to a gleaming finish.

    Finally dry off any water splashes from around the mirror area.

  5. Step 6: Done

Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk to see our complete bathroom mirror range.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors