Shower Screens Guide

Shower Screens Guide

A bath shower screen is an essential item for the modern bathroom, especially those short of space. Instead of having to make the difficult choice between a bath or a shower, you can have the luxury of both by transforming your bath into a shower. A shower screen facilitates this process by providing protection from splashing water, and keeping the rest of the bathroom dry. This guide explains the benefits of shower screens, how to choose one and where to buy them.

Benefits of a Bath Shower Screen

Not only does a shower screen enable you to have the choice of an invigorating shower or a luxurious bath, but it also has practical benefits too. It is longer lasting than a shower curtain – and easier to keep clean. It is also much more effective at keeping the bathroom dry when you shower. Instead of water sneaking past a limp shower curtain, the glass screen will deflect all water and do a much better job. This means your floor is less likely to get stained or damaged by the water, and your bathroom will feel less damp and be less prone to mildew.

Choosing a Shower Screen

Deciding on your bath screen might be quite an overwhelming process due to the vast choice of designs on the market. The best place to start is with an interior design magazine, so you can get inspired by the way designers and other people use them in their homes. Try and keep your bath screen in keeping with the décor of your bathroom – a modern bathroom needs a modern screen. If you have kids, go for a model that has a taller dimension to provide extra protection against splashing and leaks from the shower.

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Caring for Your Shower Screen

Once your lovely new bath screen is in place, you will want to keep it looking new and care for it so it lasts as long as possible. Alkaline deposits fro the water can create unsightly spots on the glass, so wipe your screen don with clear car wax before the first use. This will prevent marks from forming. Wipe down the shower screen after every use, or spritz with a specialist shower spray.

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New Aqualux Showers

The UK’s leading manufacturer of bath screens and shower enclosures welcomed hundreds of visitors onto its stand to ‘see the bigger picture’ as it launched over 100 completely new products which included four exclusive new collections.The UK’s leading manufacturer of bath screens and shower enclosures welcomed hundreds of visitors onto its stand to ‘see the bigger picture’ as it launched over 100 completely new products which included four exclusive new collections.


The Aqualux stand was packed out during the four-day event as show-goers took the opportunity to be one of the first to see the West-Midlands-based company’s breath-taking ‘Aquaspace’ range which features several UK first shower enclosure designs including the unique Walk-around and Corner Walk-through.

Aqualux’s impressive stand also showcased its new ‘Pura’ collection a premium range of frameless enclosures available in larger sizes up to 1000mm and featuring unique, elegant long bar style handles, chrome polished fittings and matching integral towel rail.

If two new collections weren’t enough, Aqualux launched a third range called ‘Aquanos’ which boasts an enclosure for every size bathroom and budget and two further steam cabins called Crysta and Florenta.

Commenting on the record sales figures, marketing manager Sandra Hyde said: “We knew we’d cause quite a stir when we officially unveiled our new products, but the level of interest we generated was something we couldn’t have predicted it’s been unbelievable.”

New Bath Screens

Bath screens are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to modernize your bathroom with minimum fuss. It is also something that you could do yourself, without having to pay the sometimes expensive cost of a plumber or installer.

Bath screens come in a wide variety of sizes and styles,this makes finding just the right one a pretty simple task.  Bath screens are a stylish, neater and moe hygenic alternative to a shower curtain.  Shower screens are primarily made of glass or any other translucent material – some come clear glass and some come frosted for those who prefer a little more privacy. Shower screens come in a range of modern and decorative looks to suit any style of bathroom so you’ll never struggle to find one that you like.

Most of the bath screens you see will offer 5mm toughened safety glass, making them perfect to withstand the day to day use they may encounter, if a screen uses thinner glass than this I would stay away as it could be dangerous.  Shower screens make sure that when you are using your bathroom as a shower, you will not be getting water on the floor which could potentially rot or damage the floor or any fittings or fixtures in the bathroom.

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