Bathrooms Feng Shui

Bathrooms have a bad reputation in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of living in harmony with the energy in your surrounding environment. Many believe that bathrooms can literally ‘drain away’ the money from your life, and generate a lot of negative energy. But making some of these simple changes can make a dramatic difference to the balance of your bathroom, and turn you into a money magnet instead!

Bathrooms Do’s

Place your toilet so it can’t be seen from the bathroom’s doorway, ideally in an alcove or behind a screen. If this isn’t possible, hang a round faceted cut glass crystal from the ceiling between the door and the toilet to lift and circulate the energy.



Open the bathroom windows on a daily basis to allow fresh air to circulate, thus lifting the Ch’i and ensuring that health, wealth and happiness flourish.

Always keep the bathroom’s drawers and cupboard doors closed so the energy can’t get trapped in the dark and stagnate. Clean out these areas regularly and keep them clutter-free.

Redecorate your bathroom every six to eight years, and replace any outdated fixtures or fittings to allow Ch’i energy to flow freely.

Use powerful spotlighting in the bathroom for an energy boost in the mornings, and have a huge full-length mirror so you can see yourself standing tall and proud.

Bathrooms Don’ts

Don’t allow your bathroom’s plumbing to become a problem. In Feng Shui, plumbing is the digestive system of the house, so regular maintenance is essential. Dripping taps represent money being wasted down the drain, and pipe blockages symbolise your income being cut off.

Don’t leave the toilet lid up, as the large opening can swallow up vital energy – especially that of wealth. Your bathroom is a money zone so keep the loo lid closed!

When designing your bathroom, minimise the use of sharp points and edges, as they represent a cutting knife. Choose curved baths and shower doors, as well as circular mirrors.

Avoid using bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors as they split the reflection, breaking up Ch’i.

Don’t have mirrors facing either each other or a door in the bathroom, as this can speed up the Ch’i too much in a place where it should be calm.

Don’t put pictures of your loved ones in the bathroom, as the energy will drain out of the relationship and weaken the bond between you both.

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