Bathroom Showers

Sauna Showers.

We love a good sauna or steam, but often don’t have time with our busy work and social schedules. The ideal solution is to fit an all-in-one sauna/steam shower enclosure/shower into your bathroom, so he or she can sweat out the toxins from last night’s work party and relax after a hard day in the office. There are health benefits for both of you too. Sweating will help increase circulation, ward off illness and keep you looking younger. It could also keep his middle-aged spread to a minimum!

Hydra Showers

If your guy has all the latest gismos like a massive plasma screen, then he will love one of the latest models of Hydra steam showers. He’ll be in heaven once he’s stepped into his all-in-one shower/whirlpool/sauna shower with waterproof plasma TV screen, CD and Radio player and even a telephone. For once it might be you banging on the bathroom door telling him to hurry up instead of the other way round.

Digital Showers

If you have trouble getting your partner out of bed and into the shower, then the Grohtherm Wireless digital shower could do the trick. Simply switch the shower on by remote control from the comfort of your bed, then make a dash to the bathroom to be greeted by an already-steaming hot shower, set to your chosen water flow rate. If you think he needs waking up a bit more, you could always cheekily switch it to cold with the remote control while he or she’s in there!

Minimalist Showers

There are some really fantastic minimalist showers on the market for the man who hates fussy décor and accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essories. Sleek styles in glass, chrome and wood will appeal to his tastes, as will the simple shower functions and dials. Decorate your bathroom in a style to match – think dark, tiny tiles or plain limestone – and he’ll be a happy guy. If you prefer something a little more flamboyant, you could always convert your loft to a bathroom and have your own luxurious home spa to relax in.

Massage Showers

For sports-loving people, a massage shower is ideal. You need a way to ease out those aching muscles after squash or five-a-side, and may not be able to afford the time or money for regular spa massages. These showers spray out several jets of water around the body, targeting almost every part of you. The shower head can be switched to massage mode, to soothe out any aches and pains, leaving your man in bliss. Let’s face it, it’ll save you having to give an endless massages when you’re tired!

Please see the full shower range at Firstbathrooms.

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