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Bathroom designs can be very dazzling at first glance, and it may be tempting to snap up the very latest in technology and sumptuous design for you home. But spare a thought for the impact that your purchase may be having on the environment, for the bathroom is a place where water is wasted, expensive non-renewable materials are used and a lot of heating and lighting is required. If you have a conscience about the state of global warming, follow this guide to creating the perfect eco-bathroom – without sacrificing good design.

Eco Bathroom Design: Water-Saving Showers

To create a true eco-bathroom, you should rip out your water-guzzling bath and install a luxurious shower instead – a five-minute shower uses a third of the water that a bath does. Fit a flow restrictor to both the basin and shower, and add water-saving fittings to taps and showerheads. Challis Water Controls have a good range of these, which work by mixing air with water so the pressure feels the same but less H2O is wasted.

Eco Bathroom Design: Green Toilets

If you have an old lavatory, place a Hippo inside the cistern, to reduce water waste from 9 litres to 3 litres every time you flush. If you are building your bathroom from scratch, get a toilet with a dual flush system (uses 6 or 4 litres on each flush) or a low-flush cistern (uses four and a half litres per flush).

Eco Bathroom Design: Recycled Tiles

Ceramic tiles don’t give you much choice when it comes to being green. The only options are to buy second-hand from stores that sell off excess DIY products and salvage yards, or alternatively to opt for beautiful recycled glass tiles.

Eco Bathroom Design: Eco-Friendly Floors

Get creative with your bathroom flooring, and make your own designer mosaic from salvaged tiles. Another green floor material is linoleum, made from renewable materials including linseed oil, rosins, ood flour, jute and eco-friendly pigments. Rubber flooring is another option, as it is free from PVC, CFCs, asbestos, halogens, formaldehyde and plasticizers, and is long-wearing.

Eco Bathroom Design: Sustainable Materials

Bamboo is a fantastic material to use in place of timber for bathroom furniture, as well as for bamboo sinks and even bamboo towels (with 30% cotton). It is a fast-growing plant, and can be used in rooms with high humidity levels like the bathroom. Another renewable resource is hemp, which is being introduced into bathrooms in the form of accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essories. Normal shower curtains are made from unnatural plastics which are piling up in our landfills. The hemp material has a natural resistance to mildew and bacteria, and can be machine washed to clean off grime build-up. Hemp toiletry bags are also available.

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Bathroom Design Disasters

Bathrooms are not just a place to wash, they are a sanctuary and a retreat from the outside world – so if you get the design horribly wrong you’ll regret it every time you go for a bath! Give careful consideration to the style of bathroom you’d like, and spend time shopping around, leafing through brochures, watching home makeover programmes and consulting design magazines for ideas. You can never spend too much time doing research. To help you with your decisions, here’s a round-up of the five worst bathroom design mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

Bathroom Design Disaster 1: Carpets

Carpets and water just don’t mix. Think soggy patches that squelch when you get out of the bath and take ages to dry, resulting in damp smells and mould. Not only that, but the kind of colours most carpets come in aren’t conducive to a relaxing bathing session. Cream will get dirty and marked before you’ve finished your first shower, red is too dark and dramatic, and patterns are just a hideous no-no. Opt for wipe-clean surfaces like ceramic or stone designs, that will add style as well as practicality to your bathroom.

Bathroom Design Disaster 2: Coloured Suites

Avocado is not back in style, no matter how many oddball designers tell you it’s the greatest retro cool since the Vespa scooter. Steer clear at all costs and stick to pure and simple white. And that goes for beige, pink, navy and all hideous pastels. Introduce splashes of colour into the bathroom with designer towels, accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essories and pictures instead.

Bathroom Design Disaster 3: Cheap Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have become a massive trend in British homes, and many people are adding them to the bathroom as a cheap design option. But be warned, the cheaper the laminate, the more risk of it being a complete disaster. Those bargain-bin products that you snapped up with glee at the DIY store may be little more than a photograph of wood glued to compressed fibre board or chip board. When you add water, they simply expand. Save yourself this hassle by opting for water-resistant flooring instead.

Bathroom Design Disaster 4: Medicines on Display

There is nothing quite so off-putting as visiting a friend for dinner, and using their bathroom only to be confronted by a shelf or open cupboard groaning with pills and potions for unmentionable conditions. Suddenly their Boeuf en Croute doesn’t look so appealing. Avoid this bathroom design blunder by fitting a stylish medicine cabinet to the wall and keeping it closed at all times. Even better, tuck all your medicines and healthcare items away in a drawer, and leave out only your posh toiletries.

Bathroom Design Disaster 5: Wallpaper

Wallpaper designers may claim their new inventions can withstand the onslaught of a hot and steamy bathroom, but it’s much safer to stick to paint. The last thing you want is for your glamorous and frighteningly expensive paper to start peeling off before you’ve finished your first bath. There is so much choice when it comes to paint nowadays, with gorgeous colours and hardy textures that can handle any amount of humidity. Play it safe with paint!

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Bathroom Design Made Easy

Bathroom design may seem complicated at first glance, with all the different aspects such as plumbing, lighting, tiling and décor to take into accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.ount. But despite appearances, it’s really a piece of cake. So start gathering those design ideas now and stop dreaming about your ideal bathroom. It’s time to make it a reality with this simple guide.

Bathroom Design for Beginners

If you’ve never designed a bathroom before, you need to ensure you do plenty of research, and be sensible about what you are capable of doing in terms of DIY and decorating. Follow these preparation tips and you won’t go wrong:

Hire the experts to do the plumbing and lighting designs for your bathroom.

Buy a stack of home design magazines and get inspiration for your own bathroom.

Order lots of brochures from the best bathroom design companies so you can get a feel for suites and fittings.

Look around friends’ homes to see how they’ve designed their bathrooms, and pick up any useful tips from them.

Don’t do all the bathroom design by yourself – get input from your family and help from your partner so it doesn’t seem like such a big job.

Bathroom Design: Getting Started

So now you’ve got plenty of design ideas for your bathroom, but you’re feeling a little daunted at the prospect of getting started. Follow these steps and before you know it you will be enjoying your gorgeous new bathroom:

Make a list of all the design jobs you’ve got to do, and break it down into small steps so tackling the bathroom doesn’t overwhelm you.

Divide this list into different sections, and give yourself a generous timetable for getting things done – designing a bathroom may take longer than you think!

If you come up against any doubts or problems, consult a bathroom design expert who could give you help. Don’t struggle alone.

Bathroom Design: Handy Hints

Consider these essential design tips when designing your bathroom and you can’t go wrong:

Choose a specialist bathroom paint over a fancy wallpaper design. This removes the potential headache of peeling paper, or sub-standard paint that flakes in the humidity.

Create plenty of storage space so you can tuck your medicines and beauty products out of sight. This will leave a beautiful, clutter-free space to relax in.

Spend a little extra on the flooring. Many bathrooms are fitted with cheap laminate flooring that expands when wet – a real design disaster! Wipe-clean surfaces are the best.

Choose fittings that actually fit the space. Cramming your bathroom with a too-big suite or too many fittings is a design no-no, as there won’t be any space left for you!

Bathroom design is easy when you know how, so use the above tips and get started today at!