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The Importance Of Bathroom Hygiene

Our guide to help prevent you from getting the flu or cold this winter 2014.

Germs get into our homes all the time – on people, food and pets and sometimes through our water supply. It is difficult to know whether there are enough germs to create or cause an infection as it depends on each individual, how contagious the germ is and if the conditions mean it can spread easily. You should clean the kitchen before the bathroom and you should clean the sink and shower first and the toilet last. You should also have separate cleaning cloths for the kitchen and bathroom, and for the toilet and the bath/sink. The bathroom is a high-risk area for infection. There are a lot of things in the bathroom that carry germs and if you touch these things the germs can get onto your hands and move to another area, such as the kitchen, or onto another person.

To prevent infection you should:
• Always wash your hands after using the toilet or bathroom
• Make sure you keep your bathroom clean
• Use hot water and detergent for cleaning your bathroom
• Use separate cloths for cleaning the bathroom
• Clean your sink first and your toilet last
• Clean the areas that you touch regularly, such as your toilet, flush and taps
• Clean your toilet bowl regularly with a lime scale remover. You shouldn’t use bleach as it can stop good bacteria breaking down solids if you have a septic tank or bio-unit.




Bathroom Makeovers

The best piece of advice I can offer if you want to create the perfect bathroom makeover, then I would say the it is the small changes that make the big difference in your makeover.

Painting the walls for example should be reasonably straight forward and will give you immediate results, perhaps try a funky new colour for that immediate impact or a subtle shade to give your bathroom a much more mellow feel. Changing the colour of your walls is an immediate mood change, it should take no more than a day and will not break the bank.

Colour can make your room seem bigger, warmer and create a variety of moods, the type of paint finish can also enhance the ambience so choose carefully.

Consider your window blinds, are they wooden, metal or fabric and what would a different selection of material do to change the look and feel of the bathroom. Again a simple change that will not break the bank but can have a massive impact. Think simple is the rule here.

While it may be out of your scope to pay for new bathroom cabinets or doors, consider perhaps either repainting the doors as there are a variety of options available such as wood effect, metallic finish or standard gloss paint. Should you need to, why not consider just changing the doors instead of the entire cabinet.

Accessories is key here to, the addition of a few little trinkets can also do wonders in creating something different. You can also try to make your own bathroom additions to personalise your bathroom – you can then be guaranteed that none of your friends will have the same look as you do!

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