New Bath Screens

Bath screens are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to modernize your bathroom with minimum fuss. It is also something that you could do yourself, without having to pay the sometimes expensive cost of a plumber or installer.

Bath screens come in a wide variety of sizes and styles,this makes finding just the right one a pretty simple task.  Bath screens are a stylish, neater and moe hygenic alternative to a shower curtain.  Shower screens are primarily made of glass or any other translucent material – some come clear glass and some come frosted for those who prefer a little more privacy. Shower screens come in a range of modern and decorative looks to suit any style of bathroom so you’ll never struggle to find one that you like.

Most of the bath screens you see will offer 5mm toughened safety glass, making them perfect to withstand the day to day use they may encounter, if a screen uses thinner glass than this I would stay away as it could be dangerous.  Shower screens make sure that when you are using your bathroom as a shower, you will not be getting water on the floor which could potentially rot or damage the floor or any fittings or fixtures in the bathroom.

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New Bath Screens

At Firstbathroom we have just incressed our colletion of bath screens. For all the people who are not able to set up showers in their bathrooms for the reason there is a shortage of room, to put up both baths as well as shower enclosures, bath screens are able to realise their wishes. Frameless double bath screens are just the thing for the people who are in need of a shower as well as a bath inside a packed in bathroom. These screens are to be had in an assortment of shapes, as well as sizes and you are always able to opt for the one that goes perfectly with your bathroom. Please visit today to see this complete range.

waterlux bath screen

Modern Bath Screens have just increased their range of bath screens. Brands in stock are Lakes, Aqualux, April, Kudos, Coram, Cleargreen, Haven, Waterlux and more including 5, 4, 3, 2 and single folding panels. These modern bath screens are much more popular now than conventional shower curtain. Shower curtains are difficult to maintain and stay wet longer which adds damp to your bathroom.  Bath screens are easy to clean and your bathrooms looks fresh and clean. Please visit to see our bath screen range.

JF302 bathscreen02