New Bath Screens

Bath screens are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to modernize your bathroom with minimum fuss. It is also something that you could do yourself, without having to pay the sometimes expensive cost of a plumber or installer.

Bath screens come in a wide variety of sizes and styles,this makes finding just the right one a pretty simple task.  Bath screens are a stylish, neater and moe hygenic alternative to a shower curtain.  Shower screens are primarily made of glass or any other translucent material – some come clear glass and some come frosted for those who prefer a little more privacy. Shower screens come in a range of modern and decorative looks to suit any style of bathroom so you’ll never struggle to find one that you like.

Most of the bath screens you see will offer 5mm toughened safety glass, making them perfect to withstand the day to day use they may encounter, if a screen uses thinner glass than this I would stay away as it could be dangerous.  Shower screens make sure that when you are using your bathroom as a shower, you will not be getting water on the floor which could potentially rot or damage the floor or any fittings or fixtures in the bathroom.

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Bathroom Makeovers

The best piece of advice I can offer if you want to create the perfect bathroom makeover, then I would say the it is the small changes that make the big difference in your makeover.

Painting the walls for example should be reasonably straight forward and will give you immediate results, perhaps try a funky new colour for that immediate impact or a subtle shade to give your bathroom a much more mellow feel. Changing the colour of your walls is an immediate mood change, it should take no more than a day and will not break the bank.

Colour can make your room seem bigger, warmer and create a variety of moods, the type of paint finish can also enhance the ambience so choose carefully.

Consider your window blinds, are they wooden, metal or fabric and what would a different selection of material do to change the look and feel of the bathroom. Again a simple change that will not break the bank but can have a massive impact. Think simple is the rule here.

While it may be out of your scope to pay for new bathroom cabinets or doors, consider perhaps either repainting the doors as there are a variety of options available such as wood effect, metallic finish or standard gloss paint. Should you need to, why not consider just changing the doors instead of the entire cabinet.

Accessories is key here to, the addition of a few little trinkets can also do wonders in creating something different. You can also try to make your own bathroom additions to personalise your bathroom – you can then be guaranteed that none of your friends will have the same look as you do!

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Bathroom Terms Explained

The following is a useful glossary of bathroom terms:

Bow Quadrant Shower Enclosure
Based on a standard quadrant with an extra bow shaped section to provide more space. The enclosure has a fixed curve panel with a sliding door.

Concealed Magnetic Door Closure
The magnet is hidden behind the profile of the enclosure and thus not visible.

D Shape Bow
This enclosure is in the shape of a capital D, with the flat section asitting against the wall. It is made up of fixed panels with double sliding doors.

Pivot Shower Doors
The door is on hinges which open away from the door post to enable the door to open fully.

Micro Adjustment System
A means of ensuring the framework is vertical/square by being able to adjust in small increments.

Out of True Walls
These are wall surfaces which are not completely level or even. Our installation system enables you to compensate for this problem.

The aluminium framework of the enclosure.

Quadrant & Offset Quadrant
The Quadrant enclosure has a quarter shape with the right angle fitting into a corner. The Offset Quadrant has one straight edge longer than the other to create more showering space.

Radius Screen
A screen panel with a curved top edge.

Sail Screen
As the name suggests, this screen has a curved side edge resembling a sail.

Shower trays
The floor section of a shower enclosure, with a built in waste for the water to flow away.

Side Panel
Used with a pivot or sliding door to create a two sided shower enclosure.

Sliding Shower Doors
A product which simply comprises of one fixed panel with a sliding door panel moving behind it to open.

Walk In Curve
A durved glass panel which is fitted to a wall to create a showering space.

Walk In Flat
A flat glass panel attached to one wall – you simply walk in behinf it to the showering space.

Walk Through Panel
A freestanding glass panel which creates a showering space accessed from either side.

Waste Unit
The fitting which enables the water to flow out of the shower tray. The elbow is the angled water pipe section.

Wet Room
A completely tiled showering space with no shower tray – the waste pipe is fitted straight into the floor.


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