Shower Types

Electric Showers - An electric instantaneous shower connects to a cold-water supply only. Models are accessible for both mains and cistern-fed water supplies. Electric elements within the shower heat the water as it is utilized.


Mixer Shower Valves
 - A mixer shower valve connects to the domestic hot and cold water system in the property, just as do the taps in the bathroom. As the name implies, it mixes the hot and cold supplies to achieve a preferred showering temperature. The flow rate from a mixer shower is dependent on the kind of hot-water system inside the property as well as the offered supply pressure.

Normally, mixer showers offer a higher flow rate then electric showers. Even so, where the hot and cold water supplies in a property are fed from a cold-water cistern and hot-water cylinder, the pressure available to a mixer shower could be comparatively low. To enhance shower performance, a pump could be fitted. When a pump is fitted to the program supplying the mixer valve it can be generally referred to as a power shower.

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