Wooden Handled Radiator Valve

Firstbathrooms are now stocking these unique wooded handled radiator valves. This robust wooden handled radiator valve is a must have for your home. Perfectly designed using quality brassware and ultra modern technologies, this distinguished radiator valve offer precise control of water flow and complete elegance. Please visit Firtstbathrooms.co.uk to see the full range.


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Triton T80 Electric Showers

The Triton T80 series is an iconic range of electric showers have been loved by Britain’s bathrooms for over 30 years. The Triton T80Z fast fit is the first of a new generation, an evolution in terms of its sleek styling a blending of curves and angles, but a chip off the old block when it comes to build quality, function and durability. The Triton T80Z White/Chrome is matched with a contemporary curved riser rail and handset that will set off any style of bathroom. See the complete range at Firstbathrooms.co.uk.


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