Bathroom Showers

Sauna Showers.

We love a good sauna or steam, but often don’t have time with our busy work and social schedules. The ideal solution is to fit an all-in-one sauna/steam shower enclosure/shower into your bathroom, so he or she can sweat out the toxins from last night’s work party and relax after a hard day in the office. There are health benefits for both of you too. Sweating will help increase circulation, ward off illness and keep you looking younger. It could also keep his middle-aged spread to a minimum!

Hydra Showers

If your guy has all the latest gismos like a massive plasma screen, then he will love one of the latest models of Hydra steam showers. He’ll be in heaven once he’s stepped into his all-in-one shower/whirlpool/sauna shower with waterproof plasma TV screen, CD and Radio player and even a telephone. For once it might be you banging on the bathroom door telling him to hurry up instead of the other way round.

Digital Showers

If you have trouble getting your partner out of bed and into the shower, then the Grohtherm Wireless digital shower could do the trick. Simply switch the shower on by remote control from the comfort of your bed, then make a dash to the bathroom to be greeted by an already-steaming hot shower, set to your chosen water flow rate. If you think he needs waking up a bit more, you could always cheekily switch it to cold with the remote control while he or she’s in there!

Minimalist Showers

There are some really fantastic minimalist showers on the market for the man who hates fussy décor and accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essories. Sleek styles in glass, chrome and wood will appeal to his tastes, as will the simple shower functions and dials. Decorate your bathroom in a style to match – think dark, tiny tiles or plain limestone – and he’ll be a happy guy. If you prefer something a little more flamboyant, you could always convert your loft to a bathroom and have your own luxurious home spa to relax in.

Massage Showers

For sports-loving people, a massage shower is ideal. You need a way to ease out those aching muscles after squash or five-a-side, and may not be able to afford the time or money for regular spa massages. These showers spray out several jets of water around the body, targeting almost every part of you. The shower head can be switched to massage mode, to soothe out any aches and pains, leaving your man in bliss. Let’s face it, it’ll save you having to give an endless massages when you’re tired!

Please see the full shower range at Firstbathrooms.

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Bathroom Safety Guide: Children

At Firstbathrooms we believe squeaky clean kids are a joy to behold, yet bathtime can hold dangers you might not have considered amongst all the fun and splashing about. Keep your kids safe by being aware of these hazards and put prevention measures in place:

Bathrooms Danger 1 : Scalds

Every day in the UK a child under five is admitted to hospital with scalds caused by bath water, with thousands more suffering less severe scalding. Babies are most at risk of scalding, as their skin is 15 times thinner than an adult’s. Not only will your child suffer the pain of scalding, but the treatment is long and can result in permanent scarring. Many of these accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.idents occClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.ur when children fall into a hot bath intended for an adult – it taks just five seconds for a toddler to suffer 3rd degree burns from water heated to 60ºC.

Prevention: Safety organisations recommend that you adjust your boiler thermostat to ensure that water coming out of taps is no hotter than 46ºC. If this is impractical, keep your children away from the bath and taps until you are satisfied that the water is cool enough. Invest in a water thermometer, widely available from high street chemists. For a baby’s bath you should be aiming for a temperature of between 36ºC and 38ºC. Double check the water with your elbow. Another solution is a thermostatic Thermostatic products deliver accClick and Clean. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.urate thermostatic control ensuring the water temperature you select is maintained even if the pressure varies within your home. This means you and your children are safe regardless of any changes in water usage elsewhere in the home.mixing valve which means water can be stored at a high temperature but comes out of the tap at a safe temperature.

Bathrooms Danger 2: Drowning

A baby can drown in just 5cm of water, and over half of the children drowned each year do so in a bath. Small children simply do not understand the risks associated with even small amounts of water, so it is vital to be aware of the potential dangers of drowning in your own bathroom.

Prevention: Don’t leave your child alone in or near a bath, even if it is only for a few seconds to fetch a nappy or towel. Have everything ready beside the bath so you don’t need to leave them. Your list should include soap, facecloths, towels and toys. Keep bathwater below 6-8cm for babies and no higher than an older child’s waist while they are sitting.

Bathrooms Danger 3: Slipping

Baths are notoriously slippery, and it doesn’t help when you add bubble bath to make bathtime for fun for your children, as such products can make them more so. If a small child slips in the bath they are likely to get a hard bang to the head and could even be knocked unconscious.

Prevention: Ensure your bath is fitted with a non-slip mat for toddlers and young children. Baby seats and supports are also available to create a safe environment for washing your baby. Keep your children under control so they don’t stand or jump in the bath, and handle them carefully when helping them out as they too are slippery when wet!

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Florentine Manual Shower Valve

The JustTaps  Florentine manual shower valve is easy to use and adds a perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. This round shaped manual shower valve is adorned with slender single leaver for precise control of flow and temperature of water. Please visit to see the complete Justfirstbathrooms 5227Taps range.



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