Florentine Manual Shower Valve

The JustTaps  Florentine manual shower valve is easy to use and adds a perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. This round shaped manual shower valve is adorned with slender single leaver for precise control of flow and temperature of water. Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk to see the complete Justfirstbathrooms 5227Taps range.



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Shower Pods

Firstbathroom are now stocking the new Hydra quadrant shower pod with thermostatic shower valve, slide rail, handset, overhead shower, body jets and shower tray. Size 900x900mm.  This shower pod offers anti leak design, shower tray with height adjustable nylon feet and stay clean safety glass shower doors.  Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk to see the full shower pod range.


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Bath Or Shower?

This has been a debate which has raged on for the last forty years or so, so don’t expect an answer from me!!!

What I can say is that from my experience, taking a bath far surpasses a shower – and for many reasons too. A bath forces you to take a timeout and first off plan it, then spend time soaking and letting the stresses of life drift away. It would be silly to spend the time running a bath to quickly jump in and then out again, hence you usually give yourself a good relaxing soak.

A shower is quite different and people are more keen to get out of the shower as soon as they are in it, and while some people will say this is a quick invigorating fix I would disagree – we really need to spend more quality time than rushing about like headless chickens.


There are lots of health reasons why bathing is better, allowing your body to soak in relaxing essences helps your skin revive and  also helps to ex-foliate what is basically dead skin from your body.

Please visit Firstbathrooms.co.uk t see our complete baths and shower enclosure ranges.

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