New Aquaflo Bathroom Taps

Let’s face it – bath taps are nothing new. In fact, they’ve become so commonplace in today’s homes that we take their style and appearance for granted. Many will choose function over fashion, following the train of thought that the only requirement of a bathroom tap is to provide water on-demand so, when you look to create a modern, minimalist bath suite and keep the same familiar styling that so many of us are used to, how can we create a new look without the risk of changing a design that we’re already accustomed to?

Well, if you’ve ever been stuck in this exact situation, then the perfect solution is probably going to be found in the Aquaflo Cascade Bathroom Taps range here at





As our image show, the modern waterfall twist that Aquaflo have added to an established, discreet look has created a distinctive appearance which has impressed us all here at FirstBathrooms. Gone is the run-of-the-mill design of bath tap, and in its place is something a little out of the ordinary which still retains the familiarity we secretly crave.

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