Triton T80 Electric Showers

The Triton T80 series is an iconic range of electric showers have been loved by Britain’s bathrooms for over 30 years. The Triton T80Z fast fit is the first of a new generation, an evolution in terms of its sleek styling a blending of curves and angles, but a chip off the old block when it comes to build quality, function and durability. The Triton T80Z White/Chrome is matched with a contemporary curved riser rail and handset that will set off any style of bathroom. See the complete range at


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The Benefits Of A Freestanding Baths

Baths come in all shapes, sizes and designs (much like the people who buy them!). Their styles are varied to ensure they blend in perfectly with your existing bathroom suite, so you don’t need to buy a whole bathroom suite to get that new look you’ve been promising yourself for such a long time.

One trick that many of our customers have discovered is replacing your current bath with a freestanding bath tub. Just as the name suggests, these top quality baths don’t need to be mounted against a wall, so they create an eye-catching design feature in addition to serving a purpose.

Usually, freestanding baths appear in larger bathrooms, where placing a freestanding bath away from a wall won’t compromise space. In reality, they’re also suited for an “average” sized bathroom and can still add a bit of a WOW factor without having to redecorate your bathroom.

With freestanding baths forming the top end of any manufacturer’s range of baths, the best quality materials and construction are always used, creating a bath tub which will outlast most others. Some manufacturers, such as Waterlux, have a unique manufacturing process to add further quality & durability.

Free-standing baths tend to be heavier than standard baths, in order to maintain their shape and strength when full of water. This has the added benefit of offering better heat retention & insulation, keeping your bathwater warmer for longer and allowing a relaxing hot soak at the end of a busy and tiring day at work!

Whilst there are freestanding baths which are completely freestanding, most will need bath feet or a stand or “cradle”, which are sometimes included with the bath and are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your taste. We recommend that customers be aware that if you choose to buy a “cradle” type stand for your new freestanding bath, it’s generally better to buy one from the same manufacturer as the bath, as this will ensure a safe and secure fit due to manufacturers designing specific cradle designs for each bath.

Please visit to see the complete freestanding baths range.

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Elite Douche Set with Angle Valve (Shattaf) are now stocking the JustTaps Elite Douche Set with Angle Valve (Shattaf). The primary reason for installing a toilet mounted bidet (Shattaf) is for better personal hygiene than using bathroom tissue. Cleaning yourself with a bidet’s comforting stream of water is far more efficient than paper. The water under pressure can flush that material for the ultimate toilet hygiene and a wonderful clean feeling. You will also save money as no need for anymore toilet paper.


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